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Burning Faith

Level : 44

Zone : The Fall of Lantern Hook

Start : Rava Dunasa

End : Rava Dunasa

Choose one of these rewards :
 Blood Mail Spaulders
 Source Dust Mantle
 Shadow Hide Shoulderpads
 Ebon Steel Pauldrons

Notoriety :
+750 Arcane Hand

Money : 39 92

XP : 8640

Burning Faith

Rava Dunasa asks that you kill the Guardian Fanatics within the Fall of Lantern Hook.
  • Kill the Guardian Fanatics


We tried to make a stand against Maelforge here in Lantern Hook, but our forces were slaughtered. As we fell, Guardians appeared and started to burn any survivors that fled. They were mad, claiming their flames would save the souls of the wretched. Please, [%NAME], find these fanatics and kill them.

Upon completion

The world burns around us and still the guardians persist in their lunacy. Thankfully we have you on our side, [%NAME].