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Rough Interrogations

Level : 36

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Juntar Kreb

End : Juntar Kreb

Money : 17 39

XP : 3600

Rough Interrogations

Juntar Kreb wants you to kill Abyssal Cultists in the Boundary Ruins area, east of Timberveil, and then return to him when the task is done.
  • Kill Abyssal Cultists


I found residual dregs of death energy soaking those ram livers. The Abyssal cultists must have released the corruption of death magic in their greed for dwarven artifacts. We've got to stop them before the corruption spreads even further.

Upon completion

Nice work, [%NAME]. I only hope you killed enough of the cultists. Their foolish pursuit of artifacts may have already unsettled the entire region, leaving us open to attack from the forces of Regulos.