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Abyssal Schematics

Level : 32

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Watch-Commander Malik

End : Unknown

Choose one of these rewards :
 Abyssal's Band
 Blackomen Band
 Aphotic Band
 Bloodletter's Band

Notoriety :
+500 Icewatch

Money : 18 82

XP : 4320

Abyssal Schematics

Report to Uriel Chuluun and learn more about this new threat within Icewatch Outpost.
  • Speak with Uriel Chuluun


My troops are preparing the assault to reclaim Icewatch Outpost, but your fellow [%FACTION_SINGULAR], Uriel Chuluun, has warned me that there might be a more imminent threat within. She has requested to speak with you on the matter immediately.

Upon completion

These are clearly the Abyssal Schematics you are searching for. These plans detail an unholy union of Abyssal and Air magic with Defiant technology. This cannot be allowed to continue!