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The Embers of Silverwood

Level : 15

Zone : Silverwood

Repeatable : Always
Money : No value

XP : 0

The Embers of Silverwood

Banish Firelord Ibrelok from Silverwood
  • Defeat enemy forces within 45 minutes
  • Defeat Goblin Invasions [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Defeat Goblin Flamebringers [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Destroy the Shrines of Embers [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Close Fire Rifts [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Defeat Firelord Ibrelok


The Goblins have begun a major offensive into Guardian territory. It is up to the Ascended to stop them!

Upon completion

The Guardians are victorious!