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Carrying the Light

Level : 7

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Spirit of Carwin

End : Rudi Tanlop

Choose one of these rewards :
 Lightbinder's Waist
 Watchful Cord
 Insidious Belt
 Brilliant Waistguard

Notoriety :
+50 Quicksilver Scholars

Money : 50

XP : 330

Carrying the Light

A fellow Guardian named Rudi Tanlop is in some distress further into Silverwood and Carwin has asked you to offer assistance.


Thanks to you, Divine Landing will hold fast. However, Maelforge's goblin hordes are descending from the north. The goblins will raze the town of Argent Glade if you don't intervene.

Upon completion

Well, imagine this! An Ascended is here to help us defend the forest. You have the truth of it. Though you thwarted the Wanton hordes in Divine Landing, they've now turned their fiery gaze towards the rest of the forest.