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An Unwelcome Visitor

Level : 20

Zone : Gloamwood

Notoriety :
+50 Gloamwood Waykeepers

Money : 2 52

XP : 720

An Unwelcome Visitor

[%QUESTGIVER] wants you to speak with [%QUESTCOMPLETER] in Gloamwood Pines.


I heard you were in Gloamwood and have been expecting your audience, [%NAME]. However, I have no time to listen to ill tidings from the Vigil. I have a town to run. If you want work, bother [%QUESTCOMPLETER]. He always needs help gathering weeds or other bits of trash.

Upon completion

My apologies for Furtho's rudeness. I'm glad he sent you to me, though. There's always something I could use help with. Give me a moment, and I'll see what there is to do today.