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Remains of the Great

Level : 50

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Rurik

End : Lieutenant Rutger

Money : 42

XP : 0

Remains of the Great

Seek out a member of the Runeguard for possible insight into the construct plate.


I recognize this workmanship. It's dwarven, specifically from the forges of Hammerknell. This plate looks as if it could have been the chest plate of one of our rune constructs. What can this mean? It must have to do with Rasmolov, but what? Maybe one of my fellows among the Runeguard will have more insight into this. Seek out Lieutenant Rutger. He might know something useful.

Upon completion

You say that you're looking for something connected to Rasmolov, the first Void Knight, and this is the only clue you have?