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Making Lures

Level : 1

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Molly Graysby

End : Molly Graysby
 Irresistible Water Snail

Money : 8

XP : 300

Making Lures

Craft an Irresistible Water Snail for Molly Graysby in Argent Glade.


Fishing with a lure is better than fishing without, so why not craft one? You can catch the pondleapers and minnows used to make an Irresistible Water Snail right here in Silverwood. [To craft a lure: Select Crafting from the Player menu. Select Fishing from the small drop-down at the top of the Crafting window to see your Fishing recipes. Select the recipe you'd like to craft. Once you have the ingredients, the Craft button will light up. Press Craft to make the item.]

Upon completion

That snail looks very convincing. Irresistible, even! You'll find that the Irresistible Water Snail is a good general lure: it will keep you from fishing up junk.