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Rescue Mission

Level : 50

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Faceless Man

End : Faceless Man

Money : 42

XP : 0

Rescue Mission

Speak with the Faceless Man to be teleported to where you will confront Sarnol and get Minara back.
  • Speak to the Faceless Man in Illumination Point for a teleport
  • Rescue the Faceless Man's mother Minara


Sarnol is no doubt taking her back to the Solace Cabal's base in the Lake of Solace. We must cut them off. Let me know when you are ready. I will accompany you this time and teleport us to their location.

Upon completion

I played right into their hands! Gah! I was a fool. A sentimental fool. Of course it was a gambit. Of course they wished to see their suspicions confirmed! When I donned this mask, I gave up the right to care about her, and I should have remembered that! And now I've doomed us all.