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Connecting the Dots

Level : 50

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Sergeant Horran

End : Sergeant Horran
 Spirit Infusion

Money : 50 40

XP : 10080

Connecting the Dots

Find and defeat the Brass Brutes.


The intelligence you brought us has been most useful, [%NAME]. It's as we had feared, there is an order to this chaos. It would appear that Laethys has tempered Maelforge's rage for now, and that can only mean something devastating awaits us if we don't put a stop to their scheme. From what we have deciphered, some kind of Brute has been sent to the frontlines. We don't know why yet, but we can't wait to find out. Please, gather what help you can and set out immediately to destroy these Brutes.

Upon completion

Fantastic work, [%NAME], that should slow them down, but this is just the start. While you were on the battlefield we managed to decipher more of the orders you acquired for us.