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Redeeming Their Names

Level : 50

Zone : Stillmoor

End : Raj Tahleed

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)


Notoriety :
+2500 The Grim Disciples

Money : 50 40

XP : 10080

Redeeming Their Names

Redeem the spirits of the Stillmoor citizens in Perdeen.
  • Destroy the evil Xerus in the lost town of Perdeen


Rumors are that the lost town of Perdeen had willingly joined the forces of Regulos and destroyed their own homes. The families of the missing want to redeem their good names and prove that the people fought valiantly to the end. Find the lost town of Perdeen and discover what truly happened to the people there.

Upon completion

You have done a great service to those who have already lost so much. The deeds of those brave townsfolk will not be forgotten. You've earned this sourcestone.