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Oppressive Death

Level : 50

End : Shriage Qutugh

Repeatable : Weekly (Weekly)
Money : No value

XP : 5040

Oppressive Death

The members of [%GUILD_NAME] have been asked to assist the Order of Mathos in clearing out the most dangerous areas of Stillmoor.
  • Kill Endless in Death's Approach
  • Kill Endless in the Endless Citadel


We need to maintain our allegiances. We may be powerful, but without allies, we will fall. The Order of Mathos has requested our help in clearing out areas that the Endless Court still holds within Stillmoor. I want [%GUILD_NAME] to show them that we support our allies whenever they need it.

Upon completion

There has been great feasting in the halls of Mathos. The Endless Court is losing their grip on Stillmoor, and your guild has helped usher this day in.