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The View on High

Level : 45

Zone : Stillmoor

Start : Aziz Kafriti

End : Aziz Kafriti

Notoriety :
+150 Order of Mathos

Money : 17 33

XP : 2940

The View on High

Aziz Kafriti in Phoenix Rise would like you to survey the landscape using the Scout's Telescope to the west.
  • Look through the Scout's Telescope


Since the Mathosian War, the Endless Court has dominated Stillmoor. For years, they've tightened their grip on the population, but now they're growing their armies and moving troops. Take a look through the Scout's Telescope, and give me your assessment.

Upon completion

It's apparent the Endless Court is active in the Eye of Regulos. Our best guess is that they're extracting death magic, but eventually, we'll have to go there and see for ourselves. For now, however, our strategy is to weaken them by liberating towns such as Belmont.