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Born Again

Level : 1

Zone : Terminus

End : Sylver Valis

Choose one of these rewards :

Money : 5

XP : 150

Born Again

Talk to the Soul Informers and learn about the soul choices available to you. When done, travel to the control room and speak with Sylver Valis.


Welcome back to the world of the living, [%NAME]. I'm sure you're a little disoriented, but there's no time to waste. Regulos's forces have discovered this, our final stronghold. We need you to complete the process of your rebirth and claim your power as an Ascended. You must choose what you wish to install as your first soul. It will allow you to take on all the powers that individual had in life.

Upon completion

[%NAME]! Just look at you! How does it feel to be alive again? And your new body, is it to your satisfaction? I should hope so. You are a marvel of science! My finest work, if I do say so. Now tell me, which of these fine souls suits you?