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Traitorous Scum

Level : 48

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Jamal Fahnza

End : Jamal Fahnza

Money : 29 24

XP : 4680

Traitorous Scum

Jamal Fahnza wants you to collect Golden Maw Communiques from Golden Maw Recruits at The Oasis to discover where they were recruited from. The Oasis is located to the east of Leestone Stand.


Something is rotten in Shimmersand, [%NAME]. Shipments have been lost, and over the past few weeks, several people have gone missing. I've noticed that many of the Golden Maw at The Oasis look familiar. I want you to help me verify where all these new recruits have come from.

Upon completion

Well, look what we have here. These aren't just random people the Maw has been recruiting - they're the missing traders from Fortune's Shore! The cult must have promised them a substantial payment for so many to defect like this.