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Shallow Water Fishing

Level : 1

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Molly Graysby

End : Molly Graysby
 Forest Pondleaper

Money : 8

XP : 300

Shallow Water Fishing

Fish up a Forest Pondleaper for Molly Graysby in Argent Glade. This fish lives in shallow water.


There's a difference between shallow and deep water. When you cast your line, look where it lands. If it's in shallow water, you'll catch shallow-water fish, and if it's in deep water, you'll catch deep-water fish. How about you try fishing in shallow water? See if you can catch me a Forest Pondleaper. They like to swim in the shallow water under the bridge.

Upon completion

You got one! Want to try for a deep-water fish?