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Planar Invaders

Level : 29

Zone : Scarlet Gorge

Notoriety :
+200 Quarry Rats

Money : 11 88

XP : 2970

Planar Invaders

[%Questgiver] has asked you to help destroy the demons that have enslaved the town of Rock Ridge.


Demons have invaded Rock Ridge, driving out the cultists before we had a chance to put them to the sword. The fiends have unleashed a torrent of cruelty that can't be believed. We are no match for them, but you, Ascended, could drive them back to hell.

Upon completion

You are truly the Vigil's chosen! Your assault against the demons in Rock Ridge was a sight to behold, setting an example for Guardians everywhere. Now, you must press the attack, and close the rift that brought the demons here in the first place.