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Two Sides to Their Stories

Level : 30

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Ludmil Pavel

End : Grusha Pavinova

Notoriety :
+400 Red Scar Trackers

Money : 12 60

XP : 3060

Two Sides to Their Stories

Ludmil Pavel wants you to speak with Loggerman Workhands at Scarwood Lift Summit in an attempt to retrieve Pages of the Lift Shipping Manifest.


House Aelfwar is a tribe of elves who serve Greenscale, Dragon of the Wilds. They're dedicated to overthrowing all of civilization. They've been bribing our workers for shipping manifests to ambush our couriers, thus closing down our supply lines. Get me those manifests!

Upon completion

Ah, these Manifest Pages are what the Aelfwar were using to track down and kill our couriers. Those worshippers of Greenscale will do anything to overthrow civilization so nature can run wild across Telara. Thankfully, you've kept them from crippling our operations.