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Joining the Hunt

Level : 31

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Dimitri Bazidar

End : Nicolai Vanya

 Perspice Hunting Token

Notoriety :
+100 Red Scar Trackers

Money : 5 34

XP : 1050

Joining the Hunt

Dimitri Bazidar in Scarwood Lift Summit has asked you to travel southwest to Perspice to talk to Nicolai Vanya about joining the local hunt.


Here for the hunt, [%class]? Tell Nicolai Vanya in Perspice I sent you, and he'll get you in the competition and even give you your first token. If you find a trophy-worthy beast, don't hesitate to claim the prize. You can sign up for the hunt later.

Upon completion

Dimitri Bazidar sent you? He sure is bringing in a lot of new hunters for us, almost too many. But a deal's a deal, so here's a token. Mind you, it ain't worth spit if you're not on my hunt, so let me know when you want to join.