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Take What is Yours

Level : 15

Zone : Meridian

Start : Albahri Batu

End : Albahri Batu

Notoriety :
+250 The Moribund

Money : 5 25

XP : 2280

Take What is Yours

Confront the Guardians in the Black Garden and kill one who is carrying the Fang of Regulos.
  • Kill a player carrying the Fang of Regulos


It infuriates me to think of those bigots getting their hands on an artifact of power such as the Fang of Regulos! They would destroy it if they could, you know. Imagine such power wasted! I want you to go to the Black Garden and kill one of the zealots who would dare clutch the Fang!

Upon completion

I can feel the stress melting away. You've kept the zealots from destroying the Fang. Thank you.