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Dying to Help

Level : 34

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Necromancer Zahalred

End : Athani Midnight

Notoriety :
+400 Red Scar Trackers

Money : 15 71

XP : 3420

Dying to Help

Collect Stolen Defiant Magitech from Aelfwar at Lotham's Strike and bring them to Athani Midnight.


My colleague, Athani Midnight, has been tasked with recovering Stolen Defiant Magitech from the Aelfwar. We're too busy defending this bulwark to leave, but if you completed this mission, you would have the reward and I would have, well, more bodies for... experiments.

Upon completion

Good to see you, [%NAME], and good to see the Stolen Defiant Magitech. Your help here is greatly appreciated. The more Aelfwar we slay, the safer the residents of Perspice become.