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Enlightened Tidesource

Runebreakable : 301

Sell for : 85 61

Enlightened Tidesource

Bind on equip Planar Essence Greater
Equip: Healing and Absorb abilities have a chance to increase Spell Power or Attack Power by 69 for 20 seconds.
Item Level 210 Requires Level 60 Runebreakable (Runecrafter 301)
85 61
Dropped by: Chest
Zone: Ashora
Zone: Iron Pine Peak
Zone: Steppes of Infinity
Zone: Shimmersand
Zone: Ember Isle
Zone: Stillmoor
Zone: Kingdom of Pelladane
Zone: City Core
Zone: Goboro Reef
Zone: Tarken Glacier
Zone: Eastern Holdings
Drop rate: <1%