Calculateur/Simulateur d'arbre des âmes pour Rift
Simulateur planaire
Base de données de Rift: capacités, exploits, artefacts, objets, factions, Pnjs, quêtes, recettes et zones
Alt Profil
Signature de personnage pour Rift: Montrez un bel aperçu de vos personnages dans vos forums préférés avec vos signatures et avatars dynamiques.
Inventaire de personnage: Obtenez une vue d'ensemble de tous les objets contenu dans l'inventaire et la banque de vos personnages sur Rift.
Tooltips et Webbar: Recherche rapide dans la base de données et tooltips avec l'origine des objets, la position des pnjs et plus encore pour votre site web.
Derniers profils
Methuselah 70
Grampsmalso 67
Tharg 70
Fossil 70
Gnobby 15
Les dernières nouvelles

Rift 4.1: Forged In Flame has been released. You can find the Patch Notes in the official Rift forum.

Magelo Sync has been patched!

The database, calculators as well as Magelo Sync have been all updated with the latest game data.
We also have granted 10 days to all our premium users to compensate for the extra downtime.

Holiday special offer!
20 déc. 2016

To celebrate the end of the year our holiday special offer is back! We are happy to give away 3 extra months to anyone who gets Premium for a year. It can be a renewing or a new subscription; in both cases you can enjoy our special offer until January 15 2017.

We wish you a beautiful holiday with your family and friends!

We have patched the website to include our first batch of updates toward handling Starfall Prophecy new content and features:

Magelo Sync has also been patched to work with the 32bit game client. From time to time, if you could run the game using the 32bit along with Magelo Sync, it will greatly help to provide more content from the new zones as well as let you sync your characters.

That's all for this update.