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As I manually enter my Planar Attunement starting with Earth and moving to the right, the URL link changes as follows:

1. My Characters->Edit->Planar Attunement->Planar Attunement Icon to the right of the Link field


After Editing Earth T1:
Clicked on Air Icon:
Clicked Fill T1:
Finished T2 Air:
Clicked on Fire:
Clicked Fill T1:
Finished T2 Fire:
Clicked on Water:
Finished T1 Water:
Clicked on Life:
Clicked Fill T1:
Finished T2 Life:
Clicked on Death:
Finished T1 Death:
Clicked War:
Finished T1 War:

2. The editor shows 49425 Planar Attunement points spent, which is correct.

3. After I finish entering the War Planar Attunement, I copied and pasted into Manage My Character->Planar Attunement
4. Clicked Save, and received the 'Your changes have been saved' message.
5. Clicked the profile link under which opens
6. Clicked the Planar Attunement Button
7. The Points spent indicates 47,825 spent which is not correct, the War abilities are missing.
8. Clicked the Export to Planar Calculator at which opens
9. Looking at the link, it shows 55025 Planar Points Spent, and the profile is way off.

I'm not sure what the issue may be, but there is clearly an error somewhere.

I did notice that if I go back to Manage My Character->Planar Attunement and copy/paste the link into notepad, it shows up as
The original URL I pasted was

Comparing the two:

Reopening page:

It appears that the Earth Field gets altered and the War field gets chopped.

Hope this helps you figure out what I may be doing wrong, or helps you fix any bugs.

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Thanks for this detailed report Grixal!
This issue should be fixed internally and we need to patch the website today to let you try again.
I will keep you posted when it's done. Thanks!