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ok i know you have this for your member already where i can pic my souls and equip armor and it will show me roughly what my stats are. is there anyway i don't care if i have to pay for it, to get the same thing for my guild mates. just like pay a fee for the guild to generate a specific password that the guild can use to use the feature. so they can put in thier current gear and swap out gear to see what thier stats will to help them plan out thier preference in gear rather then digging through long spread sheets of BiS list.

Also i use guild launch for hosting of message boards and would rather have the ability to have item hovers from the magelo site instead of the site more of a fan of Magelo and you guys are awesome as keeping things up to date. if there is anyway i can get that would be great i tried the tolls for your site tab but not the greatest with HTML to get it to work with the i just click and option and type in a BBcode and walla i got a item hover from a sub par site.