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Fishing, survival items now appear in Magelo's database!

Rift 1.8 brought exciting changes to Telara. With an all-new raid zone, and the brand new Fishing and Survival professions, there has been certainly a lot to cover!

No worries though, our database is now up-to-date with the latest discoveries from Trion!

You can now browse the Fishing and Survival recipes and even search for that specific recipe.

Not certain which recipes your character knows? You can always see your recipes in My recipes. Those of you running Magelo Sync will see these add automatically.

Seal slot added to profiles, database

Seals are now displayed on character profiles and in our database!

You can also search our database for the seals that matter most to you! For example, you can search for seals with Strength or crafted by an Outfitter.

Don't forget you can also contribute to the database when you run Magelo Sync while you play! No more hassling with logs to add NPC or item locations!

Yes, those who are running Infernal Dawn, we are looking at you.