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These are mostly QOL things, but it would be nice if:
  • equipment view on the website took into account the mana cap
  • you could limit item searches to level 60 content. (Ie. Have the ability to search loot from only level 60 dungeons, experts, raids)
  • you could limit the tanks to dungeon/raid achieves also by level of achieve (50/60) so you could see who has progressed the most

And a quick question. Any eta on the sync?

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for dropping by and giving us some feedback !
  • I though it was, will check that asap
  • You can already do that by using the item level filter. All items from level 60 dungeons have at the minimum an item level of let's say 210 (I dont remember the number exactly, need to double check...).
  • Not sure I understand your idea here