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When i launch magelo (double click a shortcut on my desktop) it start a second instance if one is running already, third, fourth and so on. This is not normal behaviour for most of the programs.

(second suggestion)
What i would like it to do is launch my favourite game instead, like it does the first time i launch it.

(third suggestion)
The best scenario for me would be if i could launch magelo at startup and duble click the tray icon to launch my game.

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Thank you kancaras for your suggestions.

1- This is something we need in fact to improve. You should not be able to start a new Magelo Sync instance if it is already running.

2- Not sure what you ask there. Would you like to use the desktop icon to run Magelo Sync first and then run your favorite game? If this is what you have in mind, it would be confusing using the same button for 2 different actions. In the settings of Magelo Sync you can ask to launch your favorite game automatically. Did you tried that before?

3- The standard behavior of double click a tray icon is to display the program itself. One thing you may not know already: when you right click on the tray icon, you have a menu from where you can launch your game.

We will take care of your first suggestion and I will keep you posted when it's done. Thanks!