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This site is as bad as Rifthead and that is closing!

you need to make ppl comment on stuff, quests items where to get and such, without that it is a dead site!

ATM the site is only good for the calculator, and that seems to be missing marstery points ?

Reward ppl for every comment they make that get thumbs up or something !!

and stop asking money fore this premium option, how can you ask money for a half ass site whit no or very little game info !

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Hi Kyndal,

I will try to go past your aggresive tone and answer you constructively...
First of all, there is absolutely no point of unleashing your frustration and anger in comments in the database, it does not help the community at all and it pollutes the information.

Your point of a reward system is somewhat valid but at the same time, wowhead had no reward system for years and yet they had ton of contribution from the community. So it kinda have to start with the community. We go as far as we can digging information but at some point, it's up to the community to help.

You say that the database has very little game info but I dont agree, it has ton of game info and many things can be contributed by the community automatically by using our client Magelo Sync.

With Rifthead closing its door, we will soon post a news to highlight all the things that you can already do and find on the site and how the community can help us build a better database.

Masteries are coming soon to the talent calculator so are the missing maps for the new expansion zones.

And finally, on your last comment on our premium option. Our premium option has nothing to do with our game database that is totally free. Unlike the vast majority of third party websites, we are not relying on Ads for our revenue, our website is totally ads free. Our revenue comes exclusively from our premium offer and without it, we wouldn't be able to operate this website.