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I made a short PDF with some stuff. Just started with magelo premium and sync yesterday and see great opportunity.

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Hi Seshatar,

Thank you for your nice comment about Magelo and for all those great suggestions.

  • We will definitively remove the valor and vengeance statistics
  • We also plan to create a skills tab to display the 12 skills you can now have in the game, instead of showing only 3 on the main profile page.

  • We need indeed to find a solution regarding the skills as we cannot display them all in the signature. It will be too much data I think.
  • Yes, the achievement points should be displayed as they are in the profile.

Inventory tool
  • We are also ok to show the inventory and bank in categories
  • You may not have seen it but there are already a search bar and some filters in the "by items" tab. Why would you also need it in the characters tab?

Collectibles tool
  • We are already aware of the bug regarding the pets and mounts tabs. They are not working properly and we need to fix them.
  • If we can find the information, it will be nice indeed to show which artifacts are missing from the uncollected sets. We need to investigate!

Thanks again!

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I would like to add another suggestion:

A magelo PUG raid planner would be really awesome. You can add an event/raid (1 at a time as free member and up to 10 as a premium) and other people can apply with their character. As creator you can also choose for "authentic only" and "min xyz hit" etc.

Would be a cool addition imho.

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A pug raid planner with similar purpose as openraid for wow would be awesome but sounds like a pretty huge undertaking and one that will require a lot more moderators to function.
You would need some kind of evaluation system both for organizers and attendees

If possible it would probably attract a fair amount of extra traffic to the site tho.