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Seriously, I would really appreciate the magelo community to grow

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Yeah, the forums aren't too lively, but at least Magelo didn't hire freelance writers to fill their forums. I figure most people just use the RIFT forums...
But you bring up a great point.

My thoughts:
-I figure most people enter Magelo by way of the Soul Tree Calculator; that's how I did, and I stuck around because the client interested me, but I also figure that's as far as most go, except, perhaps, a quick perusal of the other pages via the side-menu. If Magelo tracks page hits than this data could corroborate my theory.
-I found the formatting and/or content, when it came to the other pages, lacking in functionality and/or depth. This, however, is not specific to Magelo. Call me a dreamer (or fanatic), but I envision a holistic informational approach to game info. To clarify: Raw data could be extracted from the game client, then formatted for encyclopedic templates. Couple this with user-generated anecdotal information e.g. strategy, opinion, etc. This would be useful to both the players (who want info) and developers (who want feedback); it could even be moderated organically with a simple up-down voting system.
-When I registered my Magelo account and downloaded the sync client I was disappointed that it had apparently not been updated yet; I figure some people 'rageuninstall' it at that point and return only to use the Soul Tree Calculator.
-The updates to the client, as far as I can see, are pretty prompt, but I think emphasis should be put on reassurance. An unobtrusive banner at the top of every page in red that let's people know 'We know there is a new patch; we're working on updating our client; thank you for your patience.' Maybe even include '_Sign up for Magelo's newsletter and be notified IMMEDIATELY when we've updated our client, (insert flavor advert here about all the other great stuff the newsletter has in it.) I figure some people become Soul Tree Calculators when it isn't obvious that the Magelo Client is being regularly updated; when my sync failed I figured Magelo was a ghost site held up by Soul Tree Calculator traffic alone, only when I dug into the forums did I realize otherwise.
-RIFT should be working with these guys! They should be helping them update the sync client in any way they can and, I have no idea how the magic works, but it might be as easy as more technically detailed patch notes (solely for Magelo, of course, since technical details about the game client should be closely guarded from haxx0rs). If RIFT has a community with Magelo, then it creates a feedback loop of interest from players, and that means less turn-around, cult fandom, people willing to buy ridiculously overpriced merch, etc.

And finally,
-I figure Magelo is not the primary income of its creators, so if you want to see the community grow the best way to do that is become a part of it. Become a Premium member, support the people who made this (for you!), and be the advertisement you want to see e.g. Include a link to Magelo in your Signature for any and all appropriate forums, maybe even start a thread on the RIFT forums specifically to let others know about this awesome website and remind them 'its not just a Soul Tree Calculator!', hah.

And remember,
Good luck, Have fun, and be safe!

PS, err, I mean... edit: 10/09/2015 11:38PM CDT
I want to make it perfectly clear that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about;
all of the above is my opinion, which may or may not correspond to your reality, your friends' reality, Magelo's reality, or even my reality as it is now.
The above being said, I welcome a reply from Magelo staff and/or other users even if it is something to the affect of, "you are stupid; have a nice day!"
(^_^)y-~ PEACE

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