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Have you guys thought about doing a few addons for Rift? You have the database about everything in Rift. Doing some addons would be the right touch.

There is so many things you guys could do. Even if you guys do not code or anything maybe get people from and Curse/Twitch addon site, get a few people and come up with some ideas and implement them. Even ask in the Official forums for coders/etc..

I would defiantly pay a monthly subscription for a Premium addon/s. I mean you have someone like Dugi Guides for WOW, his is about $7 a month for his Premium Questing addon. I know this is not WOW and Rift's API is not as open as WOW's is, but still I am sure enough of it is open you could do a ton of things.

Between Rift's API and your API/Database you could have some really great Tool Tip addons, etc. for instance, hover your mouse over a chest plate and in the tool tip it tells you if it is player made or dropped, if dropped then who drops it, what zone, location, etc. and if player made what receipt is it that made it, the materials needed, etc... So many things could be done.

I would love to do it but I am not a coder/programmer/LUA enthusiast/expert, etc.

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