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Ecrit le: 17/06/08 23:47

As far as I can see I'm the only WoW premium user ^^.
Anyone else a premium user, or are you all just taking advantage of the freebie while it lasts?

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Ecrit le: 30/06/08 06:45

I been searching on how to be a premium member, so if you can somehow show me how, I will be one too.

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Ecrit le: 08/09/08 21:27

I think the only way to be premium is if you pay on the EverQuest side of Magelo. I think they are avoiding people paying for premium since it's all free anyways. That or they know most people will just mooch off the free and not bother playing. (Please note I said MOST not all)


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Once the WoW side Beta is close to being done I'm sure they'll open up subscriptions for it. During the Beta it's free so they can get users testing it out.


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whaoh whaoh whoah i dont want to have to pay more money... what does premium get you? i dont even know what this site is..

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Hi Gargot and welcome to Magelo!

You may find the Help section useful for the particular game you play.

If you are an EQ player, the difference between a Premium account and a Regular (Registered) account is detailed here.

If you are a WoW player, you will be pleased to know that we're still in the Beta testing stage for WoW and that all features are free during this Beta.

Hope that answers your question. Enjoy!