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Whats going on everyone names Nick. I is an avid raider on Muradin server...but outside of that im alot like i am in the game...helpful. So this being "outside the game" i will be posting the easiest/best strategies for 10 and 25 man ICC Lower Spire to help the raiding community out for what i can. Hope you all enjoy it =D and if ever any questions just ask =D


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Hello and welcome to Magelo, DeathDealerElmo!

It will be most interesting to see your guides, we look forward to seeing them! If you need any assistance with the notation on our website, we will be most happy to help you with it!

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Nice, I am very interested in reading these guides. WHERE will they be posted? As I am new to running instances, and have never done anything above the 5 man. My first toon is a lvl 80 Hunter, but I leveled him by mostly soloing and grinding and questing, never doing any instances. This is my second toon, and I want to learn and be better


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That made me panic - I thought someone had a real life for a second then