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We just added the Normal, Instances and Warfronts Zone Maps in the database! You can find them on any zone page and tooltip.

The maps for Normal zones indicates where quest groups, instances, porticulums, caves and known places are located, to get a general overview of the whole zone.

If you mouse over a map you will get the exact coordinates of the location. You can also zoom inside for more details.

Few samples of Zone Maps:
Champ de Pierre (Normal)
Mines de Couprofond (Instance)
Le Jardin noir (Warfront)

That's it for the latest news! Any comment will be welcome, so feel free to share your though in the forums

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We also just introduced an Atlas! For the best experience, make sure to check it out with the latest version of your favorite browser (IE9, Firefox 4, etc..).

The atlas as you would expect shows the entire world that you can navigate and zoom in. By default it will outline all instances and porticulums but as you zoom in, it will show other points of interest as well. You will get a tooltip on each of those points but if you want to see their names without going over each of them, just press Ctrl key to toggle their titles.

You can also click on each zone name just like the ingame map to zoom into this particular zone.

Have fun !