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We updated the website and Magelo Sync yesterday to cope with the latest 2 game Hotfixes (#14 and #15) and to introduce new features! Npc location, merchant sell table, guild roster and much more are now available!

NPC location and Merchant sell table

You can now get the exact location of NPCs in Telara! Check out where Gharel le Revenant can be found for example, in the zone map or even in the NPC tooltip.

When you visit a Merchant page, such as Burt The Blunt for example, you can now view the list of all the things he has to sell, directly in a new “Sell table” tab (prices are coming soon)

Guild roster and recipes

In My guild, you can access your full guild roster, and best of all, only one member needs to synchronize his character to get a complete roster! A list of recipes known by the members of your guild is also available. You will be able to sort the recipes by category (weapon, armor,…) and rarity (epic, rare,…) to find for example who is the killer guy in your guild that can do a killer dagger for you

You can also access the public page of a guild and see its roster (from a character profile or the quick search) like Rift Dungeoneers.

Character contextualization

Select one of your characters from the Web Bar and see dual tooltip on item link, with your currently equipped item, to compare them and see stat differences! The character contextualization works on Magelo website but also on any website that use the Web Bar!

Auto-complete link

Whenever you want to insert a database link in your forum post or comment on Magelo, but also in any other website where our tooltips are used, just type the beginning of its name and press Ctrl+Space to auto complete the link. You will automatically get the link with the tooltip added in your post.


  • You character title is now displayed in its Profile and Signature.
  • You can display your character Achievement Points in your Signature.
  • Review the latest comments on the Database and add your contribution!
  • You can now search for characters and guilds from the Homepage and Web Bar quick search.
  • Character and a guild tooltips are now available on mouse over any character/guild name.

Long list! And this is far from the end as more tools are in the pipe
Stayed tuned and don't hesitate to share your feedback in the Magelo forum!