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Hi, I just started the free 10 day trial. I cannot figure out how to have my gear showing. I have synced, but still nothing. Not sure why I'm doing incorrectly. Thanks!

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Hello Jencathen and welcome!

All your roles will be accessible in your Profile. At the top of the profile, under the identity part, there is a role pull-down menu. Just toggle it to switch between your roles. You will see updated gear, statistics and talents.

In your case, the role 5 is fully equipped, but by default your profile load on the role 2.
You can specify the role you want to show by default in your Profile in My characters > Edit > Identity.

To properly sync all your roles, you need to activate your role in game, equip the gear you want, wait just few seconds to let Magelo Sync detect your change and synchronize. Just repeat this for each role you wish to show!

Let me know how it goes