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>>Start to select the modules and options you need in the form below. The preview at the right will update to reflect your choices.
Then, simply embed the code provided in the header tag of your site. That's it! <<

Hello Magelo !
i have some problem with this site for the web-toolbar site
it dosent show the options and preview for me at all , im log
in and are Premium member
i also tryed to add the script at the bottum of the site to Guildlaunce with no luck

thanks for a great site , all the info you need !!!
worth every money

regards fearday

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Hi fearday,

I already replied to you in the Tech support, but I can also post there!
Thanks a lot for your nice message and encouragements! It means a lot for us

I contacted Guildlaunch support yesterday and I am waiting for their feedback. I explained the situation and I offered they envision to add our tooltips as a features in their plan, as they don't have anything like that for Rift, to let anyone use them on their guildsites if they wish to

In the Install page of Magelo website, you should see a really small form on the left where you can select the language for the tooltips and if you wish or not to add the webbar on your site. On the right you should see a preview of many links, to give you an idea of the tooltips.

Should be like that:

If you don't see that, could you please let me know the browser and version you are using?