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Instance bosses, loot and expert page

The list of instance bosses are now visible as well as the notable items you can obtain in the zone (drop and quest reward). Check out Fléau de Vertécaille for example!

There is also a new space for dungeons in expert mode, to separate them from standard mode. So the NPCs in Iron Tomb in standard mode will not include level 52 Npcs coming from the expert mode for example. The same logic applies to bosses, items, ground objects, quests and comments. Visit Tombe de Fer and Tombe de Fer (Expert) (Expert) for example!

Advanced Item search

Many new filters are now available in the Item search to help you find upgrades for your gear!
You will even get the source of the items displayed in a new column of the result table.

Remember to specify a category, using the breadcrumb navigation, before applying some filters to refine the results list. Some examples are worth a thousand words!

Source filters examples:
> Plate Armor from any 20 players Raid
> One Handed weapon from any Expert tier 2 dungeon or Crafted by a weaponsmith with DPS >20 and Hit
> Ring from Hammerknell or any 10 players raid with Int >15 and Focus >20

As you can notice in the samples above, when you select multiple sources in the search, the result will display items coming from at least one of them.

Weapon filters examples:
> Dagger from Expert tier 1 with DPS >25
> Axe with max damage >200 and Attack power >10

Artifact, plants, mines and wood location

You can now find the exact location of artifact, mine, plant and wood on the zone map and tooltip, such as Artefact, Fleur-de-chagrin, Veine de titane and Rondin d'if

Don't hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions in the Forums!