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I've been searching in forums for this, and found related threads, but even if it is "solved" I experience this. I had for some reason to manually enter my characters items (synch only read stats, not talents, atunement, or items), but I was not able to add any augments, meaning my Magelo profile shows 50 intelligence too little.


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Hi Alfuin,

As a registered user, Magelo Sync will synchronize your character's identity, guild status, recipes and guild roster. You need in fact to enter manually all the other information related to your character (equipment, roles, attunement,...).

About your gear, you should be able to directly add the augmented item, such like Arc de chasse d'habilité. But it seams there is a problem with the item search, as I don't see any augmented item when I test the tool. We will take a look and get back to you asap. Thanks for reporting this issue!

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Augmented items are back ! Thanks for the feedback and have a good WE !