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Discordant Spirits

Level : 19

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Emilyn Summers

End : Emilyn Summers
Choose one of these rewards :
 Swirling Shadow
 Barrier of the Just
 Totem of the Ascetic
 Entrancing Skull Buckler

Notoriety :
+500 Quicksilver Scholars

Money : 5 79

XP : 2070

Discordant Spirits

Collect the Locket of Mariel-Taun from Dehrnal, the Branch of Tavril from Eogan, and the Seashell of Thontic from Onnep. Draw them out of hiding by torching their valuables.


Kongeegon is nourished by the Seed of Destruction, and to breach it, we need the Vigil. Yet, though I feel their presence, I cannot hear their counsel. Minions of Hylas have stolen holy relics that would enhance my ability to understand the guidance of the gods.

Upon completion

Do you have the relics? Good. It pains me to feel the Vigil's will, and yet be deaf to their words. Now, however, their intentions will be clear to both of us.