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Hi Elenoa,

Could we add a filter that allows me to search for Wisdom > Intelligence, or Dexterity > Strength ?

This would help me determine Cleric specific wands/weapons without having to mouse over all the items and work out which one is most suitable for clerics/mages/rogues etc.

So right now, you can already use the calling filter and switch to the new tooltip view to narrow done the items that are really interesting for your calling.

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The new filter we have named Calling should be able to address your need. Right now it only give you back exactly what the game says, which is not ideal. Like a cloth item with some inte/wis will be wearable by a warrior.

We will soon enhance this filter, so it represents recommended calling instead of which calling can actually equip the item.

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I just realize now that you might have asked the above question for an item search and I gave your an answer for the related items you can find on some database pages (loot table for example).

Usually for the item search, you can simply add some weights with the stats that pertain to your class and it should address your need.

Once we have the recommended calling in place, I will make sure you can actually use that as well to quickly filter items in the search without using weights if you dont care about scoring your result.